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Contemporary Moral Issue Essay - 2709 Words

Contemporary Moral Issues Philosophy 215 Fall 2014 Instructor: Valerie Philbrick-DeBrava Office: James Blair 132 Email: Office Hours: MWF 9:00-10:00 Phone: (804) 642-4621 Course Times: MWF 10:00-10:50 (01) Course Location: James Blair 201 MWF 11:00-11:50 (02) Course Description: Philosophy 215 is designed to improve our understanding of the moral issues our twenty-first-century society faces. As both a survey of these issues and their attendant controversies, and as an introduction to moral philosophy, this course teaches us how respected thinkers have rigorously explored such topics as capital punishment, social inequality, and environmental†¦show more content†¦Georgia – BB; Jeffrey Raiman, â€Å"Justice, Civilization, and the Death Penalty† – BB; Ernest Van den Haag, â€Å"The Ultimate Theory of Punishment† – BB; David Gelernter, â€Å"What do Criminals Deserve?† – BB; Dahlia Lithwick, Review of â€Å"The Autobiography of an Execution,† The New York Times, Feb. 14, 2010 – BB 10/01 – Chapter 7 10/03 – Plato’s Protagoras Sexuality and Morality 10/06 – Chapter 9 (note: we will read Chapter 8 in a couple of weeks); â€Å"Elite Women Put a New Spin on an Old Debate.† The New York Times June 21, 2012 – BB 10/08 – Chapter 10; Camille Paglia, â€Å"Rape: A Bigger Danger Than Feminists Know† – BB; Susan Jacoby, â€Å"Common Decency† – BB; the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy’s â€Å"Pornography and Censorship† – BB 10/10 - *Essay #1 due; Casebook debate: â€Å"Florida Ban on Gay Adoptions† 10/13 – Fall break; no class meeting More Life and Death Issues: Abortion, Suicide, and EuthanasiaShow MoreRelatedEssay on your mom964 Words   |  4 Pagesyour mom I like your mom This module explores the ethical issues regarding sexual behavior. In this activity, you will develop an essay about contemporary sexual morality. Read the chapter on sexual morality in your e-text. Using information about sexual morality, select either (a) female genital mutilation or (b) same-sex marriage as your essay topic. Describe the ethical implications of your topic, and discuss how others have expressed moral judgments about your topic. Finally, identify and explainRead MoreHistorical Developments in Philosophy Essay1189 Words   |  5 Pages | | | | | | | | |Principal Issues | |Field |Definition | |Schools Of Thought |Key Contributors | | | Read MoreEthics : Ethics And Ethics1485 Words   |  6 Pagescollection of moral prin ciples carrying out the manner in which a person leads their life. In modern society philosophers divide ethical theories into three separate areas, meta-ethics, normative ethics and applied ethics. Meta-ethics refer to the origins and meanings of ethical principles, dealing with the nature of moral judgement. Normative ethics refers to what is right and wrong and concerned with the content of moral judgement. Rather applied ethics denotes to controversial ethical issues, often timesRead MoreLeadership, Transformational Leadership And Leadership Approaches Essay1738 Words   |  7 PagesSummary When one thinks of leadership, they think of just one thing but there are different types of approaches to leaderships that one would not know. These types of approaches are broken up to two groups that of traditional approach and that of contemporary approach which is then broken down to smaller groups of leadership approaches. The traditional approach is broken down to three different approaches such as trait, behavior, and contingency approach in which these approaches are based upon a leader’sRead MoreMarx, Weber And Durkheim s Views On The Social1385 Words   |  6 Pagesthrough that type of relationship (Marx 1844). Weber’s view on â€Å"the social† was focused on meaningful relationships and he brought the aspect of religion and rank into his view (Weber 1925). Lastly Durkheim’s view on â€Å"the social† was focused on the moral relationships and how the individual acts according to society’s setup and social cohesion (Durkheim 189 5). Conceiving the Social Marx thought the social was based on production relations and how the elites/capitalists communicated with the workingRead MorePhl/215 Philosophy Matrix988 Words   |  4 PagesUniversity of Phoenix Material Philosophy Matrix   Ã‚  Field |   Ã‚  Definition | Historical Developments  Ã‚   |   Ã‚  Schools Of Thought |   Ã‚  Key Contributors  Ã‚  Ã‚   |   Ã‚  Principal Issues | Epistemology | The study of knowledge: What constitutes knowledge, the nature of knowledge, and whether knowledge is possible | Pre-Socratics observe and seek to define physical phenomena.Socrates studied human behavior and tried to determine the essential nature of knowledge.AristotleRead MoreThe Sociologist Stanley Cohen Define The Concept Moral Panics1501 Words   |  7 PagesStanley Cohen define the concept moral panics? What, if any, is its continued relevance? Discuss with reference to sociological research. Natali Milligan (University of Glasgow) ‘Teen Jihadi â€Å"poster girl for the Islamic State† killed by group for trying to escape’ ‘Youth crime and punishment’ These headlines − from google news − are both explanatory in what Stanley Cohen meant in his definition of moral panics. Sociologist Stanley Cohen defines the concept of moral panics as a wide-spread panic createdRead MoreKant And Kant s Theory1368 Words   |  6 Pagesconsider whether his / her actions respect the human being goals or just merely using them for own selfish ambitions. In addition, if no is the answer, then such action should not be undertaken. Kant’s theory is a good example of the deontological moral theory, which takes that the rightness, as well as wrongness of an action, depends on the fulfillment of our duties and not on their consequences. Kant further believed that there exist a supreme principle of morality which he categorized the categoricalRead MoreEthics in Research Essay740 Words   |  3 Pagesgenerations, the idea of ethics becomes a more prominent issue. Researchers must be aware of the conflicts that their research may bring about. They must know how to address their findings in a moral way appealing to the pro and cons. Researchers can not simply accumulate data. Coupled with data is the process of analysis, where researchers manipulate their findings into the dominion of the present society and morals. Areas such as biomedical and social-scientific researchRead MoreCan Science Prove All Moral Issues?644 Words   |  3 PagesContemporary society assumes a conflict between science and religion regarding moral issues. Since antiquity, mankind has sensed a need for moral order and sought guidance from organized religion to establish that order. But accepting the precepts taught by an organized religion often entails faith in the next world. Therefore, not everybody, even in good conscience, can accept this guidance, at least from what they perceive as a man-made religion. And so, a second source of guidance emerged in approximately

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Thesis on drugs and addiction - 923 Words

Thesis Statement Although some people argue for the legalization of drugs, addiction to these substances has caused a huge increase in violent crimes in the home, at school, and on the street. Many people do not understand why individuals become addicted to drugs or how drugs change the brain to create compulsive drug abuse. They mistakenly view drug abuse and addiction as strictly a social problem and may characterize those who take drugs as morally weak. One very common belief is that drug abusers should be able to just stop taking drugs if they are only willing to change their behavior. This is a false and uneducated belief. Drug abuse may start as a social problem or social escape but one the addiction has taken ahold of a person†¦show more content†¦Drugs hinder you to excel because they are numbing the person you are today, keeping you in the same place you were at the beginning of your abuse not allowing you to grow by making sober life decisions and learning from them. The real key to stopping addiction and abusive behavior in our coming generations is prevention. If we can work together in society to better educate the actual physical effects that drugs have on an individual and step away from the typical drugs are bad we might be able to educate enough youth to make them not want to except drugs even for that first time before you realize that that’s all you needed to lose control. Life is a choice however some choices come with irrevocable consequences and drug abuse and addiction is truly one of these choices. The question you can ask yourself is where will you fall in this choice? It can be the best decision you make in your life or the worst. Work Cited and references Information article MoreRelatedDrug Addiction and Drugs1219 Words   |  5 PagesDrugs Addiction Miami Beach Senior High Ashley Gonzalez Ms. Cooper/Mr.Sussman English II-Period Three 06 March 2013 Drugs Addiction Topic and Thesis Statement Miami Beach Senior High Topic: Drugs Thesis Statement: In an examination of drugs I will discuss causes of this disease/or social dilemma. I will also discuss the effect of drugs on individuals, families and society. Read Moredrug addiction1059 Words   |  5 PagesReseach Paper About Drug Addiction Introduction These days, drugs can be found everywhere, and it may seem like everyone s doing them. Lots of people are tempted by the excitement or escape that drugs seem to offer. But learning the facts about drugs can help you see the risks of chasing this excitement or escape. And just as there Premium4645 Words19 Pages Research Paper About Computer Addiction CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION A. Background of the study It is known that we are living in technologicalRead MoreWhy You Should Quit Smoking Essay1150 Words   |  5 PagesTopic: Smoking in Society Goal: I want to persuade my audience that smoking is a health risk to all of society and that smokers should be encouraged to quit. Thesis: It is imperative for smokers to quit, benefiting society as a whole a well as themselves. Introduction Attention Material: I am from a family where both of my parents dont smoke. There is although a person of my circle who smokes a lot everyday and that is my unlce. All my life I can remember him smoking and trying to quitRead MoreConspiracy Theories Are An Integral Part Of Society1332 Words   |  6 Pagesfrom 1804 to now. In 1972 Contin was put on the market at a controlled drug-release system (Purdue Pharma L.P.). In 1984 MS Contin was put on the market as an extended-release formula of morphine, and in 1996 OxyContin was put on the market as an extended-release formula of Oxycodone (Van Zee). These drugs were released in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. According to the Center for Addiction and Mental Health these drugs are commonly used for pain and recreational use (__). Purdue PharmaceuticalsRead MoreEssay on Neurobiological Mechanisms for Alcoholism1235 Words   |  5 Pagescould well be considered the most socially acceptable psychoactive drug in our society, the dangers of alcohol abuse and addiction are well known. However, not everyone who uses, or even abuses, alcohol will actually become an alcoholic who is physically dependent on the drug. Not all of the mechanisms that cause one to become addicted to alcohol have been clarified. However, there seem to be two main reasons for alcohol addiction. One is that the chronic consumption of alcohol causes changes in theRead MoreEminem Speech748 Words   |  3 Pagesaccomplishments. Thesis: Eminem had a rough life, but overcame it and has a very successful career. I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: â€Å"I was poor white trash, no glitter, no glamour, but I’m not ashamed of anything.† ( B. Reason to Listen: Eminem is one of the world’s most influential and popular artists. He has lived a troubled life that we can all learn from, which he explains various times in his songs. C. Thesis Statement:Read MoreEssay Critique1180 Words   |  5 PagesAddictiveness† is a confusing title as much as the essay belonging to it. In the essay, which initially appeared in the St. Paul Pioneer Press Dispatch, Author Philip Slater poorly emphasizes that American society has contributed and amplified Americans’ addiction behavior. The article is initially engaging to a reader, however, the transitions between topics can lose the reader’s interest because of the ambiguity. Slater also brings good points for the reader to consider but he fails to correlate themRead MoreInformative Speech On Drug Abuse On Campus1125 Words   |  5 Pages A. Attention Getter: According to â€Å"D.A.R.E† a non-profit organization’s study in may 2017, the use of drugs and alcohol has quadrupled in college students and more students are visiting hospitals than ever. B. Audience Relevance: Drugs is one of the major issues in our society these days. The usage of drugs on college campus has been a major issue throughout the country and it has effected a lot of people, not only the ones who became victim of the issue but also friends and families ofRead MoreAddiction : An Emergent Consequence Of Elementary Choice Principles Essay1195 Words   |  5 PagesBibliographic Information Heyman, Gene M. 2013 Addiction: An Emergent Consequence of Elementary Choice Principles.Inquiry: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Philosophy 56 (5):428-445. Abstract The measurement of the research concerning addiction is regarded as a brain disease by researchers, physician, and informed societies; however, the extreme use of narcotics is projected as an individual’s choice. The choice theory suggest that drugs do not turn users into addicts, but the choice to keep usingRead MoreAddiction Is A Brain Disease Essay1119 Words   |  5 PagesLeshner and Addiction A prevailing belief in the field of addiction is that drug addiction is a â€Å"brain disease† characterized by â€Å"uncontrollable, compulsive drug craving, seeking, and use, even in the face of negative health and social consequences† (Leshner 2). In his article â€Å"Addiction Is a Brain Disease,† Alan I. Leshner claims that repeated use of drugs alters brain structure and function (1) and that once addicted, few are able to revert back to occasional use (2). Because of their â€Å"uncontrollable†

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The Challenges Of Shift Work - 850 Words

The Challenges of Shift Work Over 20% of the workforce in the United States participates in shift work (Basner, 2005 as cited in Blachowicz Letizia, 2006). Many occupations partake in shift work those include: nurses, policemen, and security guards a few of the occupations. What is shift work? Shift work is work performed outside the typical daytime hours of 7 a.m. to 6 a.m. (Blachowicz Letizia, 2006). The increase in pay is one of the numerous benefits for shift work employees. Nevertheless, there are many obstacles that come with working outside of normal work hours. The Significance of Sleep The biggest consequence of shift work is the lack of sleep. Often defined as fatigue, which is a state of tiredness associated with extended periods of being awake (Blachowicz Letizia, 2006). Fatigue has the potential to very harmful as is effects mood, judgement, and performance. Fatigue can lead to serious medical problems and effect daily routines. Shift workers often feel left of family activity due to their work schedule or lack of sleep. Finally, it can lead a decrease work productivity and performance. Chronic sleepiness is one of the conditions that can result from Sleep is vital process to keep the body functioning properly. These processes involve the immune system, growth and healing happen while the someone is asleep. Sleep is an active physiologic process that is fundamentally necessary for well-being and optimal functioning (Blachowicz Letizia, 2006). ThereShow MoreRelatedWorking As An Intern Caring For Patients With Cancer On The Adjunctive Cancer Care1251 Words   |  6 PagesReflection Assignment Working as an intern caring for patients with cancer on the Adjunctive Cancer Care (ACC) shift at the Robert Schad Naturopathic Clinic (RSNC) for this past year has been a great learning experience. Although it had its own unique set of challenges, it has been a real privilege to be a trusted part of the patients care experience. With the privilege of being a part of patient’s health care teams, there were many challenging aspects working with terminally ill patients. IRead MoreThe Key Components Of A Transformational Leader1415 Words   |  6 PagesINTRODCUTION For more than half of my career I have worked the off shift and have always felt that a greater presence of nursing leadership would be beneficial for the organization as well as the individual. I believe that the transformational leadership is the best model to bridge this gap since one of the key components of a transformational leader is vision and the ability to communicate that vision to others so that it becomes a shared vision. This shared vision between the follower is translatedRead MoreHealth Care Changes and Challenges1177 Words   |  5 PagesHealth Care Changes and Challenges Dindi White HSC490 May 18, 2015 Jennifer Johnson Health Care Changes and Challenges Some people may believe that health care is not changing. However, todays health care system is changing. Today’s advanced technology and growing population have required health care organizations to evolve. Changes in health care can present challenges, and the challenges must be addressed and dealt with accordingly. Today’s health care system is changing. In order forRead MoreImpact of Shift Work on Nurses1199 Words   |  5 PagesThe Impact of Shift Work on Nurses The Impact of Shift Work on Nurses The purpose of this paper is to discuss nursing shift work and its impact on nursing staff health and family life. The position of the International Council of Nurses is quoted below. It is their position that shift work is detrimental. Position Statement: â€Å"The International Council of Nurses (ICN) recognizes that many nursing services must be accessible on a twenty-four basis, making shift work a necessity. At theRead MoreThe Weakness Of Kevin James789 Words   |  4 Pagesrelationship thats characterized by fear and distrust will never, ever produce anything of lasting value. A relationship characterized by mutual respect and confidence will overcome the greatest adversities and leave a legacy of significance (p.93) The work environment for employees see Kevin James as a leader but, at times to only those he wants to listen too. At times when Kevin James walks into a situation on the plant floor he hears the story but, needs to exercise compassion with the employees suchRead MoreThe Experience Of The Student Nurse Graduate1399 Words   |  6 Pagesdisillusionment and despair in their first year of registration. There are many challenges during the transition from a student to a registered nurse and this paper aims to identify and reflect on these challenges and identify possible ways to assist with the transition. The challenges that a new graduate may encounter include professionalism in a new role knowledge, time management, harassment or bullying and maintaining a healthy work life balance. Over the recent years as a nursing student, I have observedRead MoreFinal And Resource Restrictions Of Semi Inc.1443 Words   |  6 PagesHour and resource restrictions, when managed well, can make or break business productivity. Semi Inc. is a semiconductor company that faces the challenge of hour restrictions daily. We will explore this company’s process, highlight the methods they are currently using to counter this challenge and provide a solution to the challenge. Semi, Inc. was founded in Carson City, Nevada in 1978. Semi is the global leader in the semiconductor industry with more than 30,000 team members working in twentyRead MoreMy Personal Philosophy Of Nursing1330 Words   |  6 Pagesof Nursing. Frampton (2010) says in a work environment with patient-centered care as its focus, it is noticed that there is a shorter average length of stay, lower cost per patient, resulting from the shorter lengths of stay, and higher patient satisfaction. Therefore, this is an aspect that I think every facility should work to make its number one priority. In addition to patient-centered care, continuing education is a value that I hope to find in a work environment. Continuing education is somethingRead MoreAcute Care Nurse Practitioners Interviews Essay1516 Words   |  7 Pageswithin the extend of her education and with great autonomy. As an NP, she is able to diagnose, treat and prescribe appropriate treatments and medications, as stated in the physician collaboration rules from the TN board of nursing. Her biggest challenge so far, has been the intangible need to demonstrate and prove that NPs in the trauma ICU are beneficial to patients, providers and health care team in general. Her role, she affirms, was initially received with skepticism, but it has been gainingRead MoreHuman Resource Management : A Theoretical Perspective1241 Words   |  5 Pagesalso elaborates the upcoming challenges which are faced by 21st century HR managers. Author has conducted HR literature analysis in order to present emerging issues, challenges and practices of human resource management discipline in context of 21st c. Keywords:- importance of HRM 21st Century, HR manager, HR challenges, globalization, issues, strategies, competitive advantage Role of Human Resource The role of human resources has been evolving for some time. The shift from personnel to human

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Internship at Health Promotion Board Essay Example For Students

Internship at Health Promotion Board Essay My internship was positioned in Health Promotion Board under the Health Ambassador Network Management department. It falls under the new Regional and Community Health Division. The HANM oversees the recruitment and management of HPB’s volunteers. Health Ambassador Network has grown tremendously in the past 2 years and talking about recruiting and managing volunteers, we have a total number of 5000 Health Ambassadors working with us. However, unfortunately not all the 5000 people are active in contributing their volunteering work for events. Thus Health Ambassador Network management is currently working on new plans, which include revamping the training syllabus and designing more targeted and impactful role for our HAs. There is a need to revise the program to ensure Health Ambassadors’ skills remain relevant to suit the public’s needs. With this change, we hope to create more targeted deployment opportunities, providing Health Ambassadors with a more meaningful experience. In other words, we have shifted into looking at the quality, focusing our engagement efforts on core group of HAs. This will be a great benefit for the HAs as it will better fit into their area of interest, providing them more opportunities and more specialised roles. We are doing this so that Health Ambassadors can continue to meet the changing needs of the community. HANM wanted to establish this through a series of workshops and tea sessions, which is the ‘Healthy Lifestyler Workshop’. This will be a good opportunity in getting to know our current HAs better and it will also be a good chance to asses and monitor them by taking note of HAs who mention changes to their commitment level, having unsuitable behaviours such as having bad tempered or any other feedback from them. The main idea of this whole series of workshop is to split the current HAs into 3 groups where group 1 is our top 300 HAs, group 2 are the low active or recently registered HAs and lastly, group 3 are the inactive HAs. Thus, we target to filter the HAs from 5000 plus to 700 HAs in total and after filtering the rest will become ‘Healthy Lifestylers’. DISCUSSION All of us who are working in HAN do not have a specific fixed job or work to do. All of them here handle many projects, proposals, presentations, emails and many other staffs at one go. That goes the same for me as I also have to work with many different types of tasks and not only focusing at one main assignment. Therefore, for this workshop I had quite a number of tasks to tackle with and to contribute my part. The following is the holistic structure of how the whole workshop was being done, up to my knowledge: Healthy Lifestyler Workshop planning Creating event in CPRMS Sending out invitations to HAs Handling emails, registrations and enquiries Attendance Sheet Catering Food Booking of venue Arranging with Logistics Contacting Event Organizers for training materials Goodie bags Other needed materials The planning for the Healthy Lifestyler Workshop was done by Vanessa Tan, Acting deputy director and the HAN team as they felt that having a revamp would be better to analyse all the HAs. They planned to call all the 5000 HAs face to face and have more of these sessions; starting off with the first 100 HAs and subsequently calling all of them for the other sessions. Up to date, we have successfully completed 5 sessions of HLW. Firstly my executive Swee Seng or Elianna Lee will create the event in our CPRMS (citizen and partners relationship management system). This is our intranet where we create all the events and store in all the details of the events and our Ambassadors. Usually if it is a small event where only 2 – 10 HAs are needed, I will get to do the deployment details. However if it is a big event, then my executives will handle the creating and they will monitor them personally. Sending out event have my contribution as if it is a normal deployment for a small event, then I will have to create a distribution list in our system and then look at the constituency of the event and select HAs according to that constituency they live in and add them to as the targeted participants. If it is a huge event or event that does not follow the constituency basis like inviting over 100 HAs from different areas, then we will have to do a mail merge. Macromedia EssayREFLECTION EVALUATION Looking at all the 16 weeks I had in HPB, I would proudly say that I had learnt many things which I did not know. Firstly to say, when I came in here, it was really very difficult and confusing to use the system. However now I can say that I have somewhat mastered the program well on how it works and how to apply it. I have to thank You Jin for this, for taking his time in explaining to me each and every detail. I had even tried the different methods of extracting people and sending out invitations with the help of our engineer Raja who taught me how all the ways CPRMS can be used. It will be very useful for me to get a job in government companies as some of the government jobs also require CPRMS. The next thing which I want to mention was doing mail merge. All these while, I have used Microsoft Words but I did not know how to use the function. After I came here, Swee Seng taught me how to create and send it using with different formats. Another thing which I found it quite hard was doing food catering. I was the in-charge of an event called ‘Briefing by Agency for Integrated Care (CHAS and SMF)’, which happened on 4 Jan 2014. I and my colleague Sharinah decided on the food choices to pick and I realised that it is quite hard to pick good tasty food with healthier choice symbol and it has to be under the budget. Nevertheless I was pleased to hear the compliments from the HAs on the actual event day that, they all enjoyed the food and it was a good selection. Apart from this, I learnt other admin staffs like what are the processes of sending collaterals, replying to emails and queries by typing official responses and lastly on how to do a procurement form for small value purchases. In addition to that, what I studied in RP also helped me a lot in my work. In Health Promotion Module, I was taught about HPB grant on how it applies and works; when I work here I encountered few people enquiring me about the Grant. Following that, I leant that asking questions and doing survey is very important in my FYP and counselling module. Having that in mind I drafted a survey form for an upcoming interview and I had attached the sample grant form and the survey form in the appendices below. CONCLUSIONS In conclusion, I believe that I did an excellent job on my overall performance and gave my best effort in every task given to me. I had a great experience on how a working life will look alike. I gained knowledge in many interesting facts that I did not know. This internship gave me a fantastic opportunity to explore many events and for me to connect with HAs. I met great souls mainly like You Jin and next Steven Lim, who helped me a lot from the start till the end of my internship in HPB; my sincere thanks to everyone here.

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Biblical Parallels with the Pilgrams in Of Plymouth Plantation free essay sample

The first verse he references to is Acts chapter 28 when Paul tells how the shipwrecked Christians were helped by the â€Å"barbarous people† of Malta. Bradford uses this verse as a reference to when the Pilgrims had just reached the wilderness of the new land and they had no one there to greet them and comfort them. The second reference that Bradford made was to Deuteronomy 34:1-4 which states, â€Å"Then Moses climbed Mount Nebo from the plains of Moab to the top of Pisgah, across from Jericho. There the Lord showed him the whole land—from Gilead to Dan, all of Naphtali, the territory of Ephraim and Manasseh, all the land of Judah as far as the western sea, the Negev and the whole region from the Valley of Jericho, the City of Palms, as far as Zoar. † Bradford uses this verse reference to illustrate what the Pilgrims could not do as far as going up onto a mountain top to see the entire land as Moses was able to do on the top of Pisgah. We will write a custom essay sample on Biblical Parallels with the Pilgrams in Of Plymouth Plantation or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The third reference that Bradford made to the Bible was to Deuteronomy 26:7. In Deuteronomy 26:7 it says â€Å"Then we cried out to the Lord, the God of our fathers, and the Lord heard our voice and saw our misery, toil and oppression. † Bradford uses this verse to demonstrate how the children of the Pilgrims should be proud of their fathers who crossed the ocean to discover this land. Also it shows how God listened to the Pilgrims when they cried for help and how He looked upon their misfortunes. The last reference was made to Psalm 107. In Psalms 107: 5-9 It states, â€Å"hey were hungry and thirsty, and their lives ebbed away. Then they cried out to the LORD in their trouble, and he delivered them from their distress. He led them by a straight way to a city where they could settle. Let them give thanks to the LORD for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for men, for he satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things. Bradford uses this to Show that God helped the Pilgrims when they wandered in the wilderness being thirsty and hungry. Many writers use scripture to demonstrate certain events or certain reactions of characters as Bradford did in Of Plymouth Plantation since the Bible is a very well known text. William used the scriptures to relate these events and reactions to those similar in the Bible to bring a better understanding to the situations.

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Miranda essays

Miranda essays In Miranda v. Arizona 384 U.S. 436 (1966), the defendant was arrested at his home for rape and taken to a police station, where he was identified by the complaining witness. The defendant was then interrogated and within two hours signed a written confession. At no time was the defendant informed of his right to consult with an attorney, his right to have an attorney present during the interrogation, or his right not to be compelled to incriminate himself. The defendant was questioned in unfamiliar surroundings, cut off from the outside world. The questions elicited oral statements and written statements that were used as evidence at trial. This case shared the features of incommunicado interrogation of a person in a police dominated atmosphere and resulted in self-incrimination statements without full warning of constitutional rights. The case of Miranda v. Arizona raises questions which go to the roots of our concepts of American criminal jurisprudence: the restraints society must observe consistent with the federal Constitution in prosecuting individuals for crime. We deal with the admissibility of statements obtained from an individual who is subjected to custodial police interrogation and the necessity for procedures which assure that the individual is accorded his privilege under the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution not to be compelled to incriminate himself. (Miranda v. Arizona) Certain phases of this problem were already dealt with in Gideon v. Wainwright in 1963 and Escobedo v. Illinois in 196i4. In Escobedo v. Illinois, law enforcement officials took the defendant into custody and interrogated him in a police station for the purpose of obtaining a confession. The police did not effectively advise him of his right to remain silent or of his right to consult with his attorney. Rather, they confronted him with an alleged accomplice who accused him of having perpetrated a murder. When the defendant denied the a...

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Democracy and human rights in asia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Democracy and human rights in asia - Essay Example As far Asian and Western culture is concerned, it can be studied in two ways along wise that is dogmatic or communal (Bell, 2000, pg. 67). If one has to pen down the social uplifts in both these cultures, then morally and ethically Western culture is far behind in moral norms as compared to Asian averages. West has by far with an approach being not keeping abreast of religious medians in political implementations. Religious medians are more expressive and demanding regarding the human uplifts and hominid elevations. Although West has totally defined human rights and since by far trying reach the best of its output but the limitations and boundaries set by such Western liberalism is not apprehend able by a nonprofessional. Western democracy is somehow a kind of dictatorship where only those can survive easily who are in relation to those liberal rights designers from the perspective of religion. Western liberal democracy does not render a true platform to followers of a certain minority religion holder to apply their values openly while living in such states. Roseau stated that the big the state is; the more difficult it would be to run it with democracy where rights and thoughts of every person are valued. Asian democracies in political perspectives although not very successful in certain countries of the world but their values for upholding a pure socially upgraded and esteemed are far fruitful than those of Western ones. Liberal democracies are true pictures of autonomy, copious, supremacy, and genuine build-ups. Therefore, simply if these attributes are existed in any democratic state either western or eastern that state would be more appropriate in building up a pure social and human rights building state. Asian democratic sates are individual value based set ups with power of legitimate enactments. There is a conflict in human rights and societies dimensions in both cultures because as far the individual is satisfied and pro-active the more that society